Escort Clients: here are 5 types of male clients

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Escort Clients: here are 5 types of male clients

For some, the relationship is complementary to a stable relationship; for others the only possibility.

Thinking about the activity of Escorte Suceava, one wonders who the escort clients actually are.

If you want to know what kind of male clients might be looking for this kind of company for a couple of hours or over the weekend, today’s article is for you.

Contrary to what many newbies think, there are not just two or three types of male escort clients. The clichés and the respectable would have you believe that the guys who require the services of an escort are all sad losers who want to put their penis inside the holes of the first that happens. Or that escorts are immoral women who sell their bodies for money. These people don’t know what’s behind this world and what you do is none of their business. Just ignore them. So today we will tell you what kind of customers exist, the target of men who are the most popular.

The widower

A guy who lost his wife a couple or more years ago may not be emotionally ready to start dating again. However, his body still has needs and sooner or later he will want to satisfy them with an escort. Reason that drives this type of customer. Keep in mind that a widower might not even want to have earth shattering orgasms with an escort. Instead, she may dream of enjoying her caring and attentive company only one day a week, with no strings attached. If someone like him contacts an escort, it’s to try to start having a relationship with another person again.

The single man

There are a lot of guys with busy lives who just don’t have the time to go to a club and meet a potential partner. It’s so much easier to go online, find a gorgeous woman as an escort, and set up a mind-blowing date. This type of escort client just wants some quick fun, sometimes even to experiment with her favorite position with a woman who likes her own kinky stuff.

The disabled customer

Many disabled clients dare not hire a chaperone because they think they will be rejected by them. Guys, if you are reading this article, you will be surprised to know that many women are not disgusted at all and will not feel uncomfortable in front of your disability. Quite the opposite. Many women are experts at pleasing you and making you forget your insecurities. Give it a try because you will be missing out on a lovely girl or mature woman who can make you happier! Ladies, if you are reading this article and you are perfectly fine with having a disabled man as your first client, make it an unforgettable experience for him.

The businessman

This is another category of escort clients who are very busy and just want a hot date with a stunning escort. Obviously they are looking for a meeting without any emotional involvement. These men tend to rely on the company of top escorts, i.e. high-level, and obviously they are able to be accompanied in expensive places.

The unconventional man

Every guy out there is different and that extends to his preferences in bed. There are many who love anal sex and don’t get it from their wives or girlfriends. Other men would give anything to spend time with a dominatrix. Many prefer nothing more than to suck a woman’s feet for an hour. Everyone should feel comfortable when meeting a new partner. So better go online and read the available information, before choosing the next meeting.

So here are 5 types of escort clients. Although anyone, with any personal background, for one reason or another, can decide to meet an escort.

And you, have you ever met an escort?