The Best Escorts Australia Has to Offer

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The Best Escorts Australia Has to Offer

Are you in search of an amazing Australian escort who will make your day, night or weekend unforgettable? Look no further! At Escort Australia we provide only the highest-quality escorts, all educated models who offer an unforgettable experience and await meeting their next client. These girls await meeting you with open arms – just let them meet and provide an experience you won’t forget.

Australian states and territories regulate the sex industry in various ways depending on state and territory laws, from criminalisation, legalisation and decriminalisation of services provided, to discrimination and harassment from state authorities. As a response, sex workers have organized through Scarlett Alliance and Eros Association and demanded changes such as removal of registration or an expansion into residential areas for their work.

While some Australia independent escort agency sex workers may be open about their prostitution activities, many remain secret. This is especially true in Western Australia where the prostitution industry has been heavily criminalised; under the Prostitution Act 2000 of WA street-based sex work is prohibited and numerous offences pertain to related activities; brothels are forbidden and those engaging in prostitution with minors face severe criminal sanctions.

Although Australia’s sex workers are vulnerable to discrimination and other forms of harassment, many stand up for their rights. A recent sex worker solidarity movement that took place online exemplified these workers’ resilience and dedication to serving their clients. Dubbed #MyNameIsSexWorker, this event marked one of the largest movements by Australian sex workers ever held and forced politicians to recognize both the situation of sex workers as well as reform measures needed.

Australian is a first world nation, so while you may find some really hot escorts Australia wide, it is wise to remain street smart when searching for an escort. Read reviews, use directories and follow your instinct. Additionally, conducting an escort background check and using only legitimate websites are wise practices.

Australian escorts you’ll meet here are highly educated, beautiful and well-mannered women of all ages – some even porn stars! Some escorts specialize in specific services like massage or deep throat BJs while others focus on having fun and offering clients an unforgettable experience.

The top escorts Australia are those that know how to pamper and make their clients feel like royalty. Their presence will guarantee an incredible time, whether that means intimacy or simply just conversation – these ladies won’t disappoint with their stunning beauty and intelligence, leaving you wanting more.